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Women’s Rights Through Time
In our community we have a woman mayor. There were many years where there was sexual persecution, and a woman mayor would seem insane less than a hundred years ago. Suffragettes are a prime example of woman who tried to reduce this persecution in the U.S. I intend to explain why and how women were treated before they could vote, what changed when they were able to vote and what they did to get there, and how it affects today 's culture.
In the late 18th century and early 19th century women pushed very hard for getting the right to vote. Women throughout the country were very angry that they were excluded from the 15th amendment. This amendment gave African Americans the right to vote. Women of the country were appalled that they too did not get the right to vote. This sparked the beginning generation of women who wanted a change and they were going to do something about it.
A poem by ANNA LÆTITIA BARBAULD titled The Rights of Women perfectly describes how many women felt.

Yes, injured Woman! rise, assert thy right!
Woman! too long degraded, scorned, opprest;
O born to rule in partial Law 's despite,
Resume thy native empire o 'er the breast!

This part of the poem is empowering to women. It uses divine right to inspire women to, as it says, “rise, assert thy right”. It talks about how women have been “degraded, scorned, opprest”, that is a statement that should not sit well with anyone. If those three words describe anything it is always a very negative thing. The poem then continues:

Go, bid proud Man his boasted rule resign…

Go, gird thyself with grace…

Thy rights are empire: urge no meaner claim,—
Felt, not defined, and if debated, lost;
Like sacred mysteries, which withheld from fame,

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