Women 's Rights Ideologies Are Present Essay

Women 's Rights Ideologies Are Present Essay

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Abigail Adams spoke for the women in America in her letters to her husband, who had to power to give women rights. She specifically told him to “not forget the ladies.” Nevertheless, her plea went unheard. It would take women a long time to gain momentum in their quest for rights. It wasn 't until the 1840’s when it started becoming a major focus. In Roweson 's novel, Sincerity, many women 's rights ideologies are present. Education is one of them. Like many movements, which became political, there was a mixture of opinions. It seemed like many supported the idea of women’s education based on the articles read through the American Periodicals database.
In the article, "Addressed to the editor of a London Periodical Work," it seems as if the author, F.S., disagrees with whatever the editor of the London Periodical had written. In the editorial, F.S. wrote, "I wish to point out the danger of educating our sisters and daughters in a belief of the certain inferiority of their intellectual powers" (1). Throughout history women were seen as second class citizens and their roles in society were strictly domestic duties. Because weren 't allowed to obtain an education, men assumed that women 's rational abilities were subsidiary compared to them. F.S. raises another thought provoking question on societies view on ladies. "If women are naturally weak, why is sincerity, forbearance, or wisdom, expected for them" (F.S. 1)? If women were incompetent or virtue in distress, who were faint, pale, and delicate women, then how did men expect them to know how to act in public settings or even at home? After reading these two quotes from F.S., the reader recognizes that even without education women still had innate knowledge that was overlooked by ...

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...Mrs. Rowson 's Academy. According to the Boston Weekly, “....The Pupils displayed a very competent knowledge of English Grammar, Geography, and History- and one gave evident proofs that she had not been inattentive to composition- delivering a very affecting Farewell Address...(1).” Based on this passage, it seems like women could perform academically like their male colleagues. The ability of the female students to perform reflected well on their instructresses. The article initially starts out by informing the readers that the works of the female students were displayed for the public to see. In the Sincerity storyline, “Sarah, for so I shall call her, shewed early talents for music and drawing” (Rowson 7), then when we read the Boston Weekly article on Rowson’s academy, we see that the women were also taught how to "embroider, paint, and draw" (Boston Weekly 1).

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