Essay on Women 's Responsibility For Women

Essay on Women 's Responsibility For Women

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It is nothing new to talk about the discrimination that is still shown today toward women. To much surprise, discrimination has been around for a long time. In the period of Victorian Britain the gender roles in society often discriminated against women. This discrimination was based off of the ideas that women were the underlying sex when it came to physicality and intellect. Women were looked at as homemakers, taking care of the children, cooking meals, and attending to household needs. Education and all teaching aspects for children to learn were women’s responsibility. Serving the children and the spouse of the family was looked at as the woman 's job. Essentially, women were the primary caregivers in the household. The ideology of the Victorian woman was to be a wife and a mother. Ultimately, women in this time were facing forms of slavery. They were treated as a source of property. Once a woman was married to her husband she had essentially no rights. The man owned the women and it was even considered legal to partake in marital rape and beatings. Even women who came from wealth were property of their husband (Yildirim, n.d., Para. 1-5).
As the Victorian era progressed new work became available, male skilled labors were resistant to changes of new technology or work patterns. This opened the door for female workers to enter the workforce. In addition, this opportunity took work away from male workers, due to cheaper female labor rates (Hudson, 2011, Para. 4). Most women in the Victorian Age found work in the area of domestic service or in the textile and clothing industries. According to Hudson (2011), "domestic service of all kinds was the single largest employer of women (40 percent of female occupations...

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...hold positions that previously would be male dominated. Positions were usually male dominated in the Victorian era, because women and men belonged to separate spheres. Many times in today’s culture, the roles of men and women are reversed. Today, education is not only available, but also required of everyone. There has been major progress for women in education, and often they are the people who continue education to the highest level. Men can be found doing domestic household duties, and women may be a primary provider of income. Voting rights for women were obtained through the suffrage movement. Today, women are even allowed to run for public offices. In fact, there is a woman candidate for the presidency of the United States. Without the events that occurred during the Victorian era, women would not have overcome all the obstacles that they have today.

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