Essay about Women 's Portrayal Of Women

Essay about Women 's Portrayal Of Women

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Women are often associated with flowers swaying daintily in the wind, a red lipstick stain on a married man 's white dress shirt, a lovely face hidden shy behind a book, and an obnoxious laugh that no one can stand. A woman is innocent, feminine and weak. A woman is seductive, sneaky and a homewrecker. A woman is so smart yet too introverted to show her intelligence. A woman is loud and tries too hard to make people laugh. As a woman, stereotypes of negativity, especially in entertainment, are nothing new. Women in Hollywood are generally depicted in a manner that undermines their strength as human beings, over sexualizes and objectifies their character, and paints them in a light to be underpaid.

Strength has always been intertwined in a woman 's DNA, but entertainment has always found a way to ignore its connectivity. In the 1500’s when Shakespeare and company would perform his plays for the people of London, women were never present on stage. Women weren 't allowed to perform in Elizabethan times because it was punishable by law. Shakespeare literally couldn 't bring a woman to light without a man playing her. Obviously, a woman 's presence in theater and entertainment has improved over time. However, a woman 's role in television still follows the idea that a strong female lead can 't exist without a masculine lead backing her, such as a love interest. Strong, independent, and fierce actresses are prevalent in society today: Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence, Viola Davis, Emma Watson, Oprah Winfrey, and Kristin Stewart are few of the many women who have spoken out against the gender role issues in Hollywood. In an interview with CBS’s 60 Minutes, a television show surrounding issues in our society today, Meryl Stree...

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...e doing the same job, you should be compensated and treated in the same way”(Sollis,2015). Charlize Theron imposed that she be paid the same as her male castmates, or she wouldn 't reprise a previous role. Women shouldn 't have to make special requests to be paid adequately: they should be respectfully paid for what they deserve.

Overall, the entertainment business may be accepting of women; that being said, the industry contradicts itself by setting the image of women back 60 years. Women in Hollywood are defined by outdated stereotypes such as disregarding a woman for her talents simply because she 's beautiful. With beauty comes the stigmatized concept of the inability to be anything but pretty. The productiveness of women in Hollywood is unfairly based on a man 's pay, essentially depicting women as second best to men simply based on gender and not on talent.

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