Women 's Movement And Lgbt Rights Essay

Women 's Movement And Lgbt Rights Essay

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The United States throughout time has lived up to its promise from 1877 to modern day. Although there has been various challenges and changes it’s what the people have done to bring about change. Major events like women’s movement, Civil Right’s, movement and LGBT rights truly impacted our nation. For change to truly come into place there hopefulness,hardships, and even happiness occur. With all these movements America has gone along and eventually learn to embrace the changes because one cannot always resort to past times.

Women have for a very long time had tried to be something more in American society. Women were just seen as people who stay home, bear children and answer to their husbands. As time progressed, women saw that they could not live that way anymore.’ “Do everything”’ Frances Willard urged her followers, the new president of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union ( WCTU) meant what she said. Like men, women sought political change and organized to promote issues central to their lives, campaigning for temperance and woman suffrage’. It became more of a defiant changed that occurred among women everywhere. War was another issue that gave women another reason to be their own supporter. With, men of all legal age drafted to war women needed to make money somehow and took the initiative to find jobs, provide for their families.”Tens of thousand of women found work in defense plants as welders, metal workers, and heavy machine operators jobs traditionally reserved for men- and with the railroads. Other women found white-collar work. Between than a million women had found work in the war industries.” This also gave them the stability that they could do anything that a man could and once wars ended they did not lik...

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...d, they did not want to just be able to work at any jobs but to be able to go out in public and be able to be truly what they were. Government officials were even able to come out as gay and still continue on with their lives. “ Beginning with the election of Elaine Noble to the Massachusetts legislature in 1974, several openly gay politicians won offices ranging from mayor to member of Congress… Activists organized gay rights marches throughout the country, turning out half a million people in New York City in 1987.”

Even though, there was hardships and challenges that women, minorities, and homosexuals faced they were still able to progress and make a change in society. Every day that goes by there is more of a change that comes their way. From 1877 to modern day the United States has lived up to its promise of freedom, change, and acceptance to this society.

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