Essay on Women 's Male Dominant Society

Essay on Women 's Male Dominant Society

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In addition, these findings link with the notions of domination of women by men, in that there are establishments within a society that reproduce gender in a variety of ways (Kimmel & Holler, 2011, p. 15), such as the business relationship between a man and a prostitute.
Double Standard and Gender Inequality. According to Kimmel and Holler (2011, p. 291), gender inequality produces this double standard; the power in this society unevenly allocated corresponding to gender. This infers that men have more power in our male-dominant society (Kimmel & Holler, 2011, p. 291). Thus, men have more control than women do have and have authority over women (Kimmel & Holler, 2011, p. 116).
Attitudes and Reality Contradiction. However, there are increasingly more women venturing to the workplace in male-dominated areas (Kimmel & Holler, 2011, p. 214). In addition, most men have a difficult time achieving the hegemonic ideal (Kimmel & Holler, 2011, p. 9). Thus, many men do not have the power in their actual relationships to demand that from their wives or girlfriends, so they feel the need to reproduce it elsewhere. Therefore, the men visit a prostitute. These proposals denote that gender dynamics in the family or in relationship formation are changing, however the attitudes that men hold are still strongly influenced by gender ideologies and hegemonic masculinity (Kimmel & Holler, 2011, p. 215).
Sexual Practices
Gendered Sexual Practices
Sexual practices between the clients and the prostitutes are also highly gendered. Most sexual acts performed by prostitutes are fellatio (Leonard, 1990; Freund, Leonard, & Lee, 1989; Freund, Lee, & Leonard, 1991). Therefore, this may stem from men’s representation of sex through an orgasm and intercourse (Ki...

... middle of paper ...

...e and therefore gender inequality persists in a new aspect of the prostitute’s life.
It has been demonstrated that the interactions between a regular client and a prostitute contain gendered aspects. In addition, the gendered aspects within the relationships between a prostitute and a regular client have also been assessed. Interactions between a client and a prostitute arise in many different forms, such as emotional and verbal contact, mental decisions, sexual acts, intimate and romantic relationships, and career and housework decisions within and relationship. The most critical concept that the interactions all contain are the significant role of male power as a creator and reproducer of gender inequality through domination of men over women; this concept of power as a reproducer of gender inequality has been noted by Kimmel and Holler (2011, p.116).

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