Women 's Magazines And Its Impact On Society Essay examples

Women 's Magazines And Its Impact On Society Essay examples

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Looking at most popular women’s magazines would you like the little girls in your life that
are special to you, like your younger sister or daughter or niece, to grow up learning about womanhood only from these sources? Most people would probably say no, and so would I. Women’s magazines are just a paper version of what is being advertised throughout social media determining what women should look or be like to fit the category of physical attractiveness. Over the years people had arguments whether women’s magazines are disempowering and why. They imply that women have to change their physicality in order to exceed society’s standard ideals of physical attractiveness. Instead of showing helpful ways to change their physical outer appearance, they advertise easy but risky alternatives that can cause major side effects health and physical wise. For many years women’s magazines have struggled with the message to women that’s being portrayed,for the most part women’s magazines disempower women and subliminally exploit women’s need to alter their physical appearance.
In women’s magazines they are now offering an alternative to plastic surgery to be more attractive but little do the readers know, there are side effects that can occur. An article from the health section on “theguardian” in reference to these methods says, “ Banyard whose organization has launched a campaign against the advertising said: (cosmetic surgery adverts also ruthlessly prey in women’s widespread dissatisfaction, making false promises of confidence and self-esteem. The reality is that people who have undergone cosmetic surgery are more likely to have lower self-esteem than those who haven’t and women who have undergone breast implants are three times more likely...

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...ive of themselves. Whether their physical appearance is good enough to get likes on instagram or lots of followers on twitter, and even the looks to attract the opposite sex. Unfortunately, you can see it from social media, television commercials, and magazines that beauty is everything and it always has been. Females will have take go through surgery to get a bigger butt and boobs in order to be famous on television or in the music industry. Actresses have to get constant cosmetic surgerys to uphold their attractive popularity with fans and other fellow actors/actresses. Because of this, females feel the need to change themselves to be accepted by everyone and be considered attractive. However they need to know that it’s the kind of woman you are that makes you attractive, not your shape or size but the confidence you have and the way you carry yourself as a women.

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