Women 's Lifestyles During The Han Dynasty Essay

Women 's Lifestyles During The Han Dynasty Essay

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Hell: Women’s Lives

Women’s lifestyles could be compared throughout the different early civilizations, but there were variations of the women’s lifestyles depending on the specific ancient civilization cultural background. In the civilizations of early China, early India, and ancient Greece, women’s lifestyles were defined by their roles in the economy, society and legal rights, and in the family.
Women were not necessarily a big aspect in the economy of ancient civilizations except in early China. One of the main roles of women in early China was to have economically productive functions. In the Han Dynasty, women were able to have jobs, whether they were elite or not. Elite women were able to be teachers, physicians, or entertainers. Non-elite women held jobs that would provide money for taxes and the avoidance of their husbands to enter the labor service of the state. The jobs they held were productive functions which included producing grain or weaving cloth.¹
In early Indian and ancient Greece civilizations, it was very hard for women to leave the house, considering they had patriarchal societies. The main roles for women were to be in charge of the house, supervise servants, and bear and raise children.² However, in Mycenaean civilizations royal women and female slaves were able to perform tasks such as weaving or bathing and anointing the warriors.³
In the Zhou Dynasty, women were able to start the divorce process, but men were granted more, such as property and the children, while women suffered harsh consequences.⁴ Women were expected to give wise advice and be loyal to their ruler, which can be seen in “The Mother of Mencius”.⁵ Considering women were more independent and could make decisions themselves, it is assumed t...

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...role was to be loyal and live for her husband. Hector is strong and Andromache is weak, like most women in the Greek society. Without Hector being in Andromache’s life, her life would be torment since no one would be able to provide for her and her son.⁹ In ancient Greece, women were responsible for the house, bearing and raising the children, and supervising the servants. If their husband was off in war, they also had the responsibility of managing the estate.⁶
Throughout the different early civilizations, women’s lifestyles and roles were similar and different. Depending on the specific ancient civilization, women’s lifestyles varied between early China, and early India and ancient Greece. Women’s lifestyles were defined by their roles in the economy, society and legal rights, and in the family in the civilizations of early China, early India, and ancient Greece.

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