Women 's Lack Of Health Insurance Essays

Women 's Lack Of Health Insurance Essays

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Health is the most important aspect of a well-being, it is important to know when health care needs arise and how you can benefit by having a good insurance. Lack of adequate insurance makes it difficult for minorities to get the health care they need and, when they do get care, burdens them with large medical bills. Many minorities groups are in fair or poor health or are in the age range when health problems start to arise, but lack of coverage may lead minorities to postpone needed care due to the cost. However lack of health insurance in minority groups are basically caused by racism or ethnicity among people, communication difficulties between the groups with their doctor which may also be known as a language barrier, ignorance of health insurance among people is also one of the major reason to some groups’ lack of health insurance. Financial problems or economic factor among groups such as African American, Asian American, Hispanic and Latinos is also a major reason which usually leads to lack of health insurance.
However, race remains a significant factor in determining whether an individual receives high quality care, and in determining health results. Most racial or ethnic groups believe they deserve to be treated by their group member such like the white believe they provide proper health care more than the blacks and other ethnic groups therefore they can’t go to them for treatment which is also common among the blacks and other ethnic group believing they could do things on their own and this increase the mortality rate among individuals in the societies,for example the blacks and Latino do not rely on private physician for their health care or coverage than the white does.
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... solutions are needed to overcome or resolve some of this problems which I believe one of it is to either have a public funding system or a combination of the private and the public funding system. Health care should be basically on needs rather than the ability to pay, any individual can pay top up insurance to cover emergency or any other requirement that may not be available or is rationed under the basic health care. Prevention and regular examination of illness and diseases especially for people over forty years of age is a necessary part of evolving a new effective health care systems. It is important that Government educate people on the importance of health care, making effort to reduce stress, eating good diet at the regular time and essential daily exercise, this little solution and many more to come, I believe poor health insurance can be over powered.

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