Women 's Influence On Women

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I did enjoy the essay, but the fact it was so long was one of the things that killed my enjoyment of the essay. I can 't complain though because the more I read, the more interested I became with her thoughts as she evaluated society and the roles men and women had throughout her time period I like how she came to the conclusion that she was able to accept the way men and women think wasn 't their fault but society 's upbringing. so by the end of chapter one she realizes that maybe the effect of society and tradition long before her time had a important impact on the way writers once thought and how her life might of been different if women had more freedom back when they could not have any legal property rights. which then imposes on her that women do not have any accomplishments to compare to that would inspire the next generation to come. she arrives at this conclusion by thinking about the luncheon she was at earlier and comparing it to the one at the all women 's college. how similar and different the two were and why they had these similarities and differences. I would like to ...

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