Women 's Influence On Women Essay

Women 's Influence On Women Essay

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From early age, women were push aside just because they were women. They
were softer and not as stronger as men. A lot of people looked at them as just mothers or
wives and nothing more. Their job was to take care of the house, kids, help their mothers,
and other chores like that. Any time that they start to talk, about their right, about
inequality, men shut them. They were not allowed to say anything, they had no right.
They belonged to their father and after marriage to their husband. They weren’t even
allwed to have the same education as their brothers. Until finally in 1848, two brave
women, Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, decided that it’s the time to make a
change. Although after 72 years, women were finally allowed to vote, but the problem is
after 96 years we still can see that the Decleration of sentiment is still not completely
On the 19th and 20th july of 1848, in Seneca falls, new york, the first women’s
right convention was held. The purpose of this meeting was that women had the right to
equality in all aspects of their lives, including the right to vote. According to Denise
Knight “much to the surprise of Stanton and Mott, the convention drew some three
hundred people from miles around. Among those in attendance were forty men, including
the abolitionist and former slave Frederick Douglass. It was there that the Declaration of
Sentiments, drafted by Stanton, was introduced. “ Stanton began the declaration with the
statement that "all men and women are created equal.” She wanted to pointed out that the
language of declaration of independence had excluded women and as equal beings,
women should also have the rights.
According to the website this day in history “On the second da...

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...ching them that, men are going to be distract by
women’s bare legs and arms and so she should cover it up. People should learn that
being distract and “it’s in their nature” is just an excuse. There’s a lot of men out
there that work and interact with women in different places and are not distract by
the woman’s body. If it was in their nature, all of the men should have been the same,
while we all know that’s not right.
In conclusion All those people fight for women’s right, men and women’s equality
but as today we can still see that we’re not still completely equal, and to be fair in
some cases people are not fair to men. we should all teach ourselves, our kids, our
friends and families, that we’re all human. It should not matter which gender or sex
we are. We’re all the same and so we should all have the same rights and we should
all be treated equally.

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