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Women 's Impact On The Workplace Essay example

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Women have been treated unfairly in the workplace compared to men for a long time and it continues today. Some women are paid less for doing equal work as men. In the hospitality industry, the industry I plan on joining after college, women only make approximately 84% of what men in the industry make. For a long time Genesis 1-3 has been used as a passage to justify the treatment of woman as inferior to men in the workplace. However, this is not what the passage is promoting. Genesis 1-3 is a passage that supports women’s equality to men and commands them to respect their husbands. There are many reasons why people use this passage as justification for the treatment of women and these arguments deserve to be countered.
One of the first arguments used to impose female’s inferiority is that males were created first and are therefore superior. When God created Adam he made him in his own image. Genesis 1:27 says, “So God created humankind in his image…male and female he created them.” It goes on to command Adam in verse 28, “to be fruitful and multiply.” With these two verses together one can argue that Adam did not have a gender or possibly possessed both, since Adam must have been able to reproduce to answer God’s command. Actually, it is not until after Eve arrived on the scene that the words woman and man, referring to gender and not humankind, are created. These words are ishshah for woman and ish for man. These words are created simultaneously suggesting one is not better than the other (2:23). This implies male and female equality in all places including the workforce.
Another argument has to do with why woman were created, which was to be man’s helper (2:18). Yes, woman do help men, but men also help women. They each h...

... middle of paper ...

...e world closer to the perfect world God designed it to be.
Women deserve to be equal to men in the work place in every way. This includes equal pay, equal promotion opportunities, and equal treatment in all ways. Genesis 1-3 is not a passage that supports unequal treatment. Men being made before woman is not justification for their treatment because when Adam was made he was just a human not necessarily male. Also men and woman have different strengths so they do help each other, but they were also made to be each other’s partners and equals. Men and women were equals in the perfect world before sin, but after sin woman were commanded to be submissive to their husbands and their husbands only, not managers or bosses so they should be treated as equals in the workforce. Genesis 1-3 supports equal treatment of women, but also commands women to respect their husbands.

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