The Women 's Foreign Policy Agenda Essay

The Women 's Foreign Policy Agenda Essay

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Like wise, these indigenous races ' development of feelings of discontent further supported the progressive’s foreign policy agenda. Dissatisfaction, progressives explained, proved these savages were beginning the process of civilization by learning and prospering “enough to be able to show their discontent” (Roosevelt, 1909, p.177 ). More over, these progressives argued the world was quickly becoming neighbors. As superior societies advanced they expanded their borders. With the competition for acquiring territories increasing the conquest of places the the Philippines became inevitable. As a result, America was forced to take on the duty of their protector and establish order for these less developed peoples. America was bound to protect them not only from the brutality of other nations but from the savagery with in their own borders. “If we had abandoned them on at the outset of their own devices, leaving them in a bloody welter of confusion, the chief suffer would have been the Philippine people.” (Roosevelt, 1909, p.179).
In the same respect, the use of force as a tool of foreign policy was deemed by these progressives necessary to move the world forward. Roosevelt and Beveridge believed the use of force was the only means available to subdue savages and bring about peace. “A lasting peace can only be secured by overwhelming forces…and [the] absolute final defeat is inflicted upon the enemy” (CP, 1900, p.9). The use of force to exterminate rebellion shows these men possessed a subhuman view of indigenous peoples based on racial prejudice. Roosevelt insisted the United States ' ability to maintain peace among civilized nations rested on a moral obligation “ to draw the sword rather than submit to wrong doing” (Roosevelt, ...

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...olicy measures to expand liberty for native peoples in the U.S. by insisting America was violating it founding principles. Specifically Roosevelt and Beverage encouraged the forced civilization and administrative control of child like nations such as the Philippines. They Justified these acts with beliefs in their own racial superiority making them capable of participating in the highest form of government. Sumner and Dykes maintained imperialism principles violated the principles of liberty and consent of the governed in the Declaration of Independence. To their dismay indigenous people were classified as non citizens not entitled to the equal protections of Constitution. However still deemed legally under the legislative paternalistic Control of the Congress. This lack of freedom and equality by denying American territories full U.S. citizenship is still true today.

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