Women 's Constant Struggle For Female Portrayal Essay

Women 's Constant Struggle For Female Portrayal Essay

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The documentary, Miss Representation, exposes women’s constant struggle to obtain
gender equality in an era dominated by media as the main image for female portrayal. The film
opened my eyes to the sexist information transposed through marketing and television The film
sheds light to the exploits of women’s roles in politics and the interpretation of women, thus,
demonstrating how degraded women are within society. Girls at a young age are taught that
society is a parallel to the media that we are continuously barraged with.
The film taught me that society is still going through gender inequality. Even though we
have come a long way from the passing of the 19
th Amendment, there remains progress that is
required to create gender equality. With girls becoming bulimic and at risk of committing
suicide, media is threatening the lives of these young ladies. What stood out to me was how these
women are portrayed through advertisements. Particularly, having women’s pictures
photo­shopped and establishing them as a sex symbol pushes the objectification of the female
body. Media cannot be looked at the same since we are becoming brainwashed to believe
misconceptions regarding female bodies.
One step to change the way media portrays women involves the education and
re­education of younger generations. Through supplying the world’s youth with the proper
analytical skills to recognize and dismantle the sexualization of women, hypersezualized
propaganda would slowly diminish. Another way to change the way media portrays women is by
letting these women know how beautiful they really are. All media is controlled through a
patriarchal lense. In order to remove that lense, women involvement must increase. 50% of the
population is misrepresented t...

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...ress and hinder. Culturally, the United States must
understand that men are NOT the only human specimens with capabilities and intelligence. They
must stop feeling threatened by females. Their constructed masculinities have essentially
handicapped them from accepting the necessity of female leadership within our communities.
Women are not here for a man’s viewing pleasure. No person ever speaks about the
wrinkles or crooked teeth on the old, white man on Fox News. Women must stop buying into the
definitions of femininity established by men. Women must develop their own definitions that are
meant to empower, lead and revolutionize the way in which females are repeatedly portrayed.
Women do not need patriarchal approval or acceptance for leadership. They must take their own
roles of power, endorse intelligence, exemplify true leadership like no man could ever

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