Women 's Armed Services Integration Act Of 1948 Essay

Women 's Armed Services Integration Act Of 1948 Essay

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The Women’s Armed Services Integration Act of 1948 prevents any women from serving in combat. In January of 2013, former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, after receiving a recommendation from the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to lift this ban and open combat roles to women. However, there is some speculation on whether or not women are physically capable of performing in combat jobs. Nindl states that “… the physiological differences that exist in physical capacity, particularly of muscular strength and power as well as the increased incidence rate for musculoskeletal injuries in female vs. male soldiers, have led some to question the wisdom of rescinding the policy” (Nindl 50). With these key physiological differences in mind, how effective can our military be in combat and will our military need to adapt to provide equal treatment to both men and women once spots begin to open? These will be questions that will have to be answered through a trial and error bases, as well as, learned in combat. Gender discrimination will be prominent during the beginning phases of this action, due to the typical idea that women cannot perform on the same physical standards as men.
Science has proven that women are not as physical as their male counterpart. Doctors have shown that they are by pointing out key physical deficiencies. If you look at the militaries physical test you can see the unequal standards between men and women when it comes to physical fitness. There are women amongst the ranks of men, that can and do perform or even out perform men in this physical test.
In the military there is a set standard that men and women have to meet physically. These standards are: Push-Ups, Sit-Ups, and a 2-Mile Run. The score of each category varies f...

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...en and 1st Lieutenant Haver, Shaye became the first women to graduate the Army Ranger School. Both women graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York. They were two of 90 soldiers that graduated their cycle of Army Ranger School. Major General Scott Miller challenged the notion the standards in the military have not been lowered (Tan). Major General stated that the standard for these women were not lowered and that women in the Army Ranger School will be held to the same standard as men. Both Cpt. Greist and 1st Lt. Haver achieved the same standards that are imposed of men at this school. According to Michelle Tan, Cpt. Greist says “it’s extremely important that the standards remain the same.” These women are the minority in the Army Rangers and also represent the minority of women who believe that the standards should not be lowered.

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