Essay on Women 's Actions And Fox 's Words Hit A Popular Vein

Essay on Women 's Actions And Fox 's Words Hit A Popular Vein

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Clearly, her actions and Fox’s words hit a popular vein in society. Georgiana visited men high and low during both her main campaign and her side campaign in 1784 with her family in the election of St. Albans. This attention to any possible voters gained her further praise and critique; it remained a wholly separate issue for a Lady to visit the lower classes to speak of governmental matters, than her dallying with those of her station. It only worsened as she increasingly gained attention for drinking a beer, or a ‘tipple’ while debating with any and everyone. One of the most famous political cartoons on her visits of this nature satirized her by accusing her of kissing butchers, inspired by a visit in which while visiting a butcher, she tore her shoe. She responded by kicking it off, and declaring, "I gladly serve my friends, even bare-footed." This is the time in Georgiana’s life when she becomes seriously involved in politics, not only as a society hostess, but also as a campaigner. An ardent supporter of young, brilliant and eccentric Fox, she wholeheartedly puts her talents and popularity in the service of the Whig Party, of which the house of Devonshire historically preferred.
One can only wonder if she knew what her involvement might bring. She became the ringleader of aristocratic ladies canvassing night and day for Fox. The person by her side most kept familial bonds as well in the form of her sister, Harriet Stanhope. Other canvassing parties found leadership under Mrs. Crewe and Mrs. Damer. The women who made up these teams consisted of, The Duchess of Portland, the three Ladies Waldengrave, Lady Jersey, Lady Carlisle, Mrs. Bouverie, Lady Worsley, Mrs. Robinson, and Lady Archer. Walking through the cobbled streets...

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... ‘Victorian ideal’ scholars know today. This only worsened later as Queen Victoria gained the throne in 1837, and further dampening of women’s participation in public life swarmed old documents, which none of history escaped. This unfortunately continues, as most traditional, academic historians ignore the role of women in political history. However, they failed to realize the importance of preserving Georgiana as political entity. Before her touch, British electoral campaigns fed off brutality and disgrace with most vote-winning came from beer and spirits and street fights between supporters of rival candidates. She changed the career and policies of politicians to more modern ideas: she dressed up to support the cause and utilized wit to win voters. Her clothing at rallies, created waves in blue and buff fashion, and showed the Whigs victory through gentle manners.

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