Essay on Women rights During the Cold War

Essay on Women rights During the Cold War

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From the past to present, Women’s rights movement has already been improving and changing. From the 1800’s to the current year of 2014, Women’s groups and programs have always tried to improve on Women’s equal rights, making themselves even with that of men and trying to become leaders in their work environments, political roles and/or any other leadership roles. I will discuss in order, the 19th century and what roles that women played in this time. When did the actual Women’s Movement begin and what happened in its early stages. How Women and what females did during World War II. What transpired and happened during the Cold War time period. Finally, what is the difference in women’s role today in the 2000’s vs. the early era of Women’s Rights.

I. 19th Century – Roles, Jobs
During the 19th century Women’s roles were different of that of men. Their jobs were not alike, their opportunities were not as great but rather limited. In the early 19th century, Women were not permitted to vote or hold a political office title. She could not take custody of their own children in the event of a divorce. There were only a handful of colleges that would accept women to be educated in them. In many views women with in the early 19th century were viewed as second class citizens.

II. Movement begins (1900’s) Strikes, Campaigns, Voting
The real Women’s Rights movement begins in the 1900’s. Many important actions on the behalf of women’s rights happened during this time period. In 1920 the 19th Amendment to the constitution was approved and added. This amendment gave the women the right to vote. It states that regardless of sex, being all US citizens have the right to vote. This Amendment was led by and wrote up and constructed by Elizabet...

... middle of paper ... was equal for the first time in History.

V. Another Movement Starts (Present – Future)
Though many years have passed since the first year of what was called the beginning of Women’s rights movement. Today there is still improvement to make in reference to Women’s rights. Another movement is still on its way of creating equality throughout the USA and world for women to be equal. Just recently in 2009, President Obama passed an act called “Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act” which allows victims of pay discrimination. This entitles women to submit a form to the government when they feel or know that they are making less in pay than that of a male in the same job role. We will continue to improve on Women’s Rights over the coming years and future. Nothing is never perfect, but every year we are getting closer to perfection of Women’s Rights.

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