Women Over 35 Will Have A Hard Time Losing Belly Fat Essay

Women Over 35 Will Have A Hard Time Losing Belly Fat Essay

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Is it true that women over 35 will have a hard time losing belly fat because of one little gene that is activated and forces their body to stop burning belly fat? According to Shawna Kaminski, it is, and it is caused by 'menopause molecules ' that every woman over 35 will have to do with.

She also says that if you exercise the wrong way, you can make this situation even worse and make belly fat impossible to get rid of. Is this just another gimmick in the diet industry, or is this something that all women over the age of 35 need to know? We decided to do a My Bikini Belly review to find out.

What Is My Bikini Belly All About?

It is a blueprint for a 21-day workout program that helps you reset your hormones, boost your metabolism and shred the fat - especially in the belly are. It is a bodyweight method of working out that isn 't strenuous on the body and doesn 't take a lot of time, but still results in a flatter stomach in a short amount of time.

If you have been following the diet and exercise industry, you have probably heard more and more about how long and strenuous workouts can actually cause your hormones to work against your fat loss efforts. It is becoming apparent that shorter and specific workouts are better for the aging body. The problem is that none of us know how to do short workouts that promote the fat loss we want, and that 's where My Bikini Belly comes in.

The good news is that Shawna says that women over 35 have an advantage when it comes to burning off stomach fat! She claims that the hormonal changes in their bodies actually make her program work faster!

Inside the program, you get access to a workout solution that helps you match your new body and the hormonal state it is in. In other words, th...

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...ng out can actually be very stressful on your body, ruin your metabolism, and hurt your thyroid. As many women over 35 already know, a healthy thyroid and metabolism are essential to keeping your energy high and the weight off. In fact, if those two things are not working properly, it is very easy to pack on the pounds no matter what you do. This is why working out like you did in your twenties is no longer viable.

If you want to lose the belly fat and gain your energy back, then My Bikini Belly is a program you need to check out. It is a new approach to healthy living that will help you rebalance your body and give you the edge you need to burn off fat and keep it off as you get older.

The workout program requires no equipment, a short amount of time, and some commitment. Every woman should be able to experience the benefits of this, so it is definitely worth it.

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