Essay on Women Of The 1917 Women 's Suffrage

Essay on Women Of The 1917 Women 's Suffrage

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This movie gave a glimpse of the women of the 1917 Women’s Suffrage movement in their fight for women’s equality, which included their right to vote and the right run for office. The movie specifically addressed the many struggles that women who were involved in the movement endured during this time, as they had to sacrifice their marriages, endure rejection, withstand abuse and throughout all, attempt to stay hopeful.
After watching the movie, it was made apparent to me that men as well as many women were opposed to being involved in this movement. Some women acted as if they simply could not be bothered with the shenanigans of the movement. This was made clear in the beginning of the movie when Alice Paul stands on the sidewalk handing out papers to gain support for the movement and all the women who passed by were turning her down. I do not think Alice Paul was expecting that reaction from women, of all people, I think she was expecting it from the men of nation considering they never had a problem gaining the rights that they had, but certainly not the women.
Alice was s...

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