Essay about Women of the Civil War

Essay about Women of the Civil War

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Women of the Civil War
Women may have been little recognized for their contributions to the war effort, but they were not untouched (Civil War Women). The women of the Civil War held many jobs and contributed greatly to the war. Loreta Velazquez disguised herself as a Confederate soldier and Rose O’Neal Greenhow was a spy for the Confederates and Louisa May Alcott was a nurse for the Union soldiers.
During the Civil War, women disguise themselves as men to help the war efforts. They disguised themselves for many reasons including: to fight for their country, to fight for their rights, to fight along side their husbands (A, B, C.) Loreta Velazquez was one of many women soldiers, she disguised herself as a soldier when her husband left for war and did not take her (Chang 50). Loreta Velazquez was as good as any other soldier, “Notwithstanding the fact that I was a woman, I was as good a soldier as any man around me, and as willing as any to fight valiantly and to the bitter end before yielding” Velazquez said (Women in Uniform in the Civil War). Loreta Velazquez’s role in the Confederate Army, the Forty’s say that “She fought valiantly, helping to beat off wave after wave of the attackers, in sleet, snow, and high winds of a bitter February (Military Women). Even though Loreta was a woman, she fought as hard as any man did.
Many women who went to fight had to disguise themselves to look like men. Loreta Velazquez was a very convincing man, with her black-cropped short hair, and glued on facial hair. Velazquez even went to the lengths of practicing a low voice, a manly walk, and learned to spit in the streets (Chang 50). When trying on the Confederate uniform, Loreta could still tell she was a woman. What did Loreta Velazquez...

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...nd became a commander. Rose O’Neal Greenhow was a spy for the Confederates; she was arrested for treason, but welcomed back as a heroine. Louisa May Alcott was a Union nurse, who did multiple daily tasks, and worked, in harsh conditions. There are many other women, who contributed to the Civil War, but these were just a few.

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