Essay on Women Of Men And Women

Essay on Women Of Men And Women

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“Sit with your legs closed, act like a lady,” or “Boys don 't play with dolls.” I 'm sure many of us heard this growing up. Women aren’t allowed to be bossy, because only men are supposed to be leaders or because it 's a manly trait. Men aren 't supposed to show their emotions because that is thought to be a weakness and men are supposed to be strong. Men and women have specific qualities that are dictated to their gender by their society. Men and women are not allowed to pick up traits from the other gender, although it is said to be the very thing that makes us human. Men get momentary advantages in this lifestyle, while women suffer most. Although, both sides suffer in the end.

Boys at a young age are taught they can 't play with dolls or wear pink we all agree that playing with toys and wearing colorful clothing is a part of being human. We are limiting our options and resources for ourselves. Men are supposed to act like they don 't have any feelings, but we say that what separates humans from animals is the fact that we have emotions. We 're telling little boys that their emotions are not valuable. That they must keep their emotions bottled up inside and never tell anyone what they truly feel. Even when they let their emotions arise, some people cannot handle it and they become angry. Insert quote. Women say they want men to open up to them but when Men actually do open up women cannot handle it. They become angry or they don 't know what to say. They would rather have men say that they are okay then have them open up to them. For men it is the same they would rather take a bullet than to have to open up until someone else about their feelings.

Girls are given toys like dolls or kitchen sets to play with; when they tr...

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...y like you, then it sets a precedent that every time little boy does that to it means that they like you. Then that is what makes you feel wanted and makes you feel important. Insert quote. This also allows boys to feel that they have power over girls and it also perpetuates that the more powerful you are the less consequences you have. This is shown by our society today, because we have people like Brock Turner you can rape a girl and have barely any consequences. The judge ruled in favor of Brock by saying that he didn 't want Brock 's life to be destroyed, but he didn 't think about the girl who had her life destroyed by Brock. The judge pretty much said that “Boys will be boys.” Brock should have been held accountable for his actions. This type of mentality perpetuates the patriarchal society, and this will become our downfall, if we do not do something about it.

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