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Women in the Workforce
Equality for all sounds like a simple concept for everyone to live by, but it seems that even in today’s society around the world women are lacking the equal rights they deserve. Ever since we can remember in our history, women have always received the short end of the stick when it came to their rights. Right to vote, right to a job, right to equal pay, and the list can go on and on. There have been many attempts for women to receive the same rights as men, but not all have been successful. This is especially true in the workforce. The workforce is the main issue when it comes to equal rights for women in today’s society. Women have been mistreated in the working environment and have affected them socially, but throughout all of this there have been attempts to stop it.
Mistreatment of women in the workforce has been an ongoing issue ever since women have been introduced into the work environment. While some issues are specific to certain workplaces, others are issues that are continuously noticed almost everywhere. There are many who experience poverty around the world, but research has shown that along with ethnic and racial minorities (of said country), women have been consistently among the most disadvantaged and programs to help those in poverty that do not take gender inequality into account have consistently failed to help women out of these circumstances. (International Development Agency (USAID) “Women, Men and Development”) “Men and women often are poor and for different reasons, experience poverty differently, and have differing capacities to withstand or escape poverty.”(Whitehead, Ann Failing Women, Sustaining Poverty: Gender in Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers) There have been many instances...

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