Women in the Law Term Paper

Women in the Law Term Paper

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Women in the Law Term Paper
In American society, individuals are constantly subjected to discrimination and gender bias, which pollutes our education systems, military, and individuals in executive business roles. Women are more often subjected to these types of issues and have sought remedy for their issues by looking toward legal theoretical frameworks like Formal Equality, Substantive Equality, and a Non-subordination/Dominance theory approach, which set the guidelines for how to identify and dissect the problem.
There is a consistent problem going on around college campuses in the United States and it is the issue of sexual harassment. Particularly female students, the victims of these cases are told to come forward about what happened only to be later told keep quiet about it. Ms. Sulkowicz, a junior at Columbia University, was one of the women whom had to come forth about the issue. She tells New York Times in an interview, “The fact that I had to tell an embarrassing story and then teach them an embarrassing subject on top of that felt really gross.” Sulkowicz is being subjected to a humiliating situation and the panel she stood before ended up dismissing her accusations, which were against a male student who was reported for the same offenses two years prior (Perez-Pena, Taylor 1).
In addressing cases on sexual harassment, we look to Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972. This states that no person shall, “on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination” in an education program supported by the federal government. In other words, all universities under the federal government are required by law to protect its students from sexual harassment and ass...

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...an Casebook Ser.
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