Women in the Canadian Workforce Essay

Women in the Canadian Workforce Essay

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Women in the Canadian Workforce
Women have experienced hardship in the Canadian markets since their initial entry in the labour force. Statistics and findings prove that the trends around women receiving less than equal pay and a lack of female leaders in the labour markets are in fact improving. While women and men are close to being equal in numbers in the workforce, there is still inequity financially. This issue of almost equal number of females to males in the labour market, but lack of actual equality in the labour force is significant and to be addressed. This research paper will identify the causes of the inequity of wages and leadership progression between the sexes and outline how it can be improved.
General Synopsis of the Canadian Labour Market
The issue of inequity between the two sexes in the labour market is one that has been present for generations. There is said to be 67.5 million women working in the world, which has increased from 67.4 million in 2008 (House, 2013). This same statistic was produced for the male population and there is a decrease in the number of men working from 70.9 million to 69 million (House, 2013). Women account for 50.4% of the total population (Women in the Labour Force in Canada, 2013) and of that 58.3% or 8.1 million were employed in Canada. The number of females working in Canada has doubled since 1976 and now women account for 47.3% of the Canadian Labour Market in 2011 (Women in the Labour Force in Canada, 2013). Inequity of wages, “traditional” job roles and lack of leadership progression in the work environment, has also contributed to the plight of women.
Women and Pay Equity
Lack of equal pay for equal work has been a challenge that female labour forces have face...

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...continue as long as the female body is responsible for the gestation of our population. Pregnancy poses health issues that may affect work attendance and maternity leave is typically one year in length. A progressive society should make allowances for a woman's choice to have a child without penalty to their career. Many companies and government offices have recently taken steps to help women successfully manage both aspects of their lives by offering flex hours, work from home opportunities, extended leave without demotion and reentry support. More companies in Canada need to adopt these protocols to protect their valuable workforces. Women have proven their worth in the workforce as they are trending towards equality in all fronts. Hopefully, sooner rather than later, the inequity of women in the workforce will only be historical and not an everyday occurrence.

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