Essay about Women Hollering Creek

Essay about Women Hollering Creek

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“Women Hollering Creek” is a story about a woman’s despair, anguishes, and pain of her life that she live. In the story, Cleofila the protagonist has an attraction to the legend of the Arroyo. The legend of the Arroyo is similar to the life of Cleofila, in that both the women in the legend and Cleofila expressed their despair of their life through similar examples.
Both the woman in the Arroyo creek legend and Cleofila has experienced the same pain and anger. For example when Cleofila was first married she did not experience the pain from her life and thought that the Arroyo's was silly, “such a funny name for a creek so pretty and full of happily ever after” (282 para 3). Cleofila has not experienced the suffering, making it impossible for her to realize the Arroyo's meaning. It was until Cleofila gets beaten by her husband and left in emotional turmoil does she understand the legend of the Arroyo creek. Cleofila has always been drawn to this creek. Cleofila is portrayed as a woman who is suppose to be submissive to her husband, and follow his machoism which is also Cleofila’s biggest obstacles along with breaking away from that and having her own voice. Having the opportunity to voice herself is proving to be a bigger obstacle for Cleofila, being that she never fought back or yelling at her husband. The very first time when Cleofila’s husband, Juan Pablo hit her, “it left her speechless, motionless, and numb. She had done nothing but reach up to the heat on her mouth and stare at the blood on her hand as if she did not understand” (282 para 7). The pure shock of the incident evoked her voice within.
The Arroyo became a possible voice for Cleofila, since she has not yet had the courage to voice herself. Throughout the story t...

... middle of paper ...

...wn pick-up truck, and doesn't have a husband astonishes Cleofila. This woman is the very article that Cleofila has been searching for! Which was the freedom, power, exertion all put into one person. No despair, no anguish, no pain, just being a woman and voicing it. Voicing it like a man, Felice says, “I used to own a Pontiac Sunbird. But those cars are for viejas. Pussy cars. What kind of talk was that coming from a women?” (288 para 4).
“Women Hollering Creek” by Sandra Cisneros is an encouraging piece of a woman chained by her culture’s view of a women and having the strength of overcoming it. Although the environment and the people around Cleofila do not bring much hope of change to her she goes and escapes through the joy of watching telenovas. It was the reality of her own situation and the ones around her that gives her hope for a change in herself.

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