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Women Have the Right to Choose Essay

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The society in which we live is filled with many disputed, unanswered questions regarding health issues. A lot of these can be examined as a connection to an individual’s honorable, ethical, and spiritual conviction producing a society at odds due to their contradictory points of view (Nossiff, 2000, pg. 28). In the United States today, the number one debate involving women is abortion due to many years of worthless attempts to make it illegal. Those who disagree with abortions do not even consider the reasons a woman would undergo an abortion. This paper will argue for a woman’s right to seek an abortion and an attempt will be made to present several motives for having an abortion.
In many of the earliest medical manuscripts, performing abortions was mentioned as having been practiced (Paul, 2009). Abortions were performed even though it was not talked about beyond the participants affected before the 1850’s. The American Medical Association wanted to make abortions unlawful in the late 1850’s and that is when people became at odds with one another on the subject (Nossiff, 2000, p. 1).
There is a certain humiliation in society today when a woman is linked to an abortion. In most cases, the instinct of most objectors is the woman is at fault for becoming pregnant because she did not practice safe sex. In countless cases, this is not the situation. A woman can merely forget to take her birth control pill one day, which could result in her becoming pregnant. Condoms are not a dependable answer to birth control due to tears that could occur. The only sure way of not becoming pregnant is abstinence.
For the teenage girls and women who have been brutally raped, or forced into doing inexplicable sexual acts with f...

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