Women Have A Low Pain Tolerance Is Not Supported By Facts Essay

Women Have A Low Pain Tolerance Is Not Supported By Facts Essay

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The thought that physicians believe that women have a low pain tolerance is not supported by facts. In the essay “How Doctors Take Women’s Pain Less Seriously,” by Joe Fassler he has a great example of how physicians do believe that many women are not experiencing as much pain as they perceive they are. Men and women are very different and every one had a different pain tolerance and physician should treat every patient as an individual and not make assumptions right away.
Mary Jo DiLonardo states in her essay that women wait longer than men to receive pain medications. In the medical field men and women are treated different when it comes to pain. Women were thirteen to twenty five percent less likely to receive pain medication. DiLonardo states that men received more pain medication and women received sedatives. In her essay she found that women were more likely to be untreated than men. I feel that many of these facts that DiLonards states in her essay are true. People do believe that women are more dramatic when it comes to pain and men try and tough it out. But, in reality we ...

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