Women Faced By Women Facing Adversity Essay

Women Faced By Women Facing Adversity Essay

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Women Facing Adversity
Women have been treated unfairly and discriminated in the workforce for too long. The discrimination that these women face is unjust and unwarranted. It is sad that as a society in the twenty-first century we are still trying to combat these issues. In Developing Women Leaders was published in The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist July 1, 2012 it discusses possible solutions and how stigmas and stereotypes are starting to change. Women should not have to face discrimination in the workplace as a society there should be an equal standard for all individuals no matter the race or gender.
The article discussed how women are trying to work their way up the ranks into high level senior leadership roles. In an article by Cook and Glass (2011) talked about Human Resource Management and how there was an increase in stock price for a company when investors discovered that there was going to be a female promoted to a senior management position. If the research being conducted supports a positive market reaction for firms that advance females within the company could be a golden ticket for women on the brink of senior management positions. The data has shown that stock prices have moved in a positive direction when women are introduced into high leadership roles, which coherently would make you believe companies would be putting women on the fast track to senior leadership roles. This also shows that society is starting to believe woman can handle the roll of a senior leader of companies.
Compared to the past women hold more CEO positions than they formerly did, but are nowhere near where they should be. The women who do hold the title of CEO in large firms still range in the low double digits, which is shocking w...

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...was published in The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist July 1, 2012 was extremely informational. Women still have to face a daily battle that is unfair in the workplace that is unjust. A big lesson taken away from this article is that there is a large gender gap that still exists in the workforce ranking men and women as unequal’s that does not need to exist. The article starts to show that society is beginning to lift the stigma against woman in high level management position. The article shows that individuals are starting to show no preference on the sex of their managers making the workplace, which is a step the right direction. Women provide bring different perspectives to a business and management only increasing diversity. The diversity of women in the workplace can only add to the quality and overall of your business and can help enhance management.

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