Essay on Women During The 1960 ' S

Essay on Women During The 1960 ' S

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Women during the 1960’s and 1970’s were tired of their lot in life. They didn’t expect much out of life. There goals were to work until they were married, and then they would quit their jobs and stay home and take care of the house, husband and eventually children. I was out of the question for a women to want and try to pursue a career. Women had few options in terms of jobs anyway the only jobs available to women were ones that were seen as feminine in nature, and did not allow much upward mobility, such as clerical work or nursing. Women began to demand better job opportunities and higher wages. They wanted equal rights to those of men. What is the “second wave” feminist movement, what did women try and do to gain equality, and how did this movement affect American women.
“Second wave” feminism was a movement created to bring equality for women. Women were not only discriminated against in the work place, but they had little rights in other areas such as, divorce, or even their own reproductive system. Women during this era were supposed to work, or for the wealthier middle class go to college, and then marry in their early 20’s and then settle down, get married, and have children. Betty Friedan’s book The Feminine Mystique is often credited with contributing to the second wave movement. In her book she speaks to the educated middle class women who gave up everything to settle down and become a part of the “nuclear family”. She told these women that they shouldn 't feel bad, if they didn’t like cleaning and caring for their home or adhering to their husbands and childrens every need. Friedan said that women were brainwashed into thinking that this was a norm. These women felt like there was something wrong with them because ...

... middle of paper ... of societies brainwashed gender norms, and knew it was time for a change. They accomplished many things during that era such as birth control for all women, and the legalization of abortion. The movement also had a huge impact on American women. It let them know they were not alone, and they were right to want more. It told them that equality was reachable. American women are still striving for true gender equality, and maybe one day it will be achieved. Until then we remember these women and this movement as setting the stage and starting the fight that we continue today.

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