Women During The Romantic Era Essay examples

Women During The Romantic Era Essay examples

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Women in the Romantic Era
Women in the Romantic era were long away from being treated as equals, they were expected by society to find a husband and become a typical housewife and mother. So what happens when women get tired of being treated horribly and try to fight back towards getting men to treat them as an equal? Both Mary Robinson’s “The Poor Singing Dame” and Anna Barbauld’s “The Rights of Women” show great examples on how women in the Romantic Era were disrespected and degraded by men, whereas all they wanted was to be treated as equals with respect and dignity.

Women were harassed for doing the smallest thing wrong or for doing something that simply made a man angry. For example in “the Great Singing Dame” the happy woman got thrown in jail for just being happy even though she was classified in the lower class of society. This enraged the male lord who could not understand how a poor woman was so happy even though she had no wealth. “Till envy the lord of the castle possess 'd, For he hated that poverty should be so cheerful, While care could the fav 'rites of fortune molest” (Robinson, lines 34-35). This shows how the Lord wanted everyone who was not as wealthy as him to be more miserable than he was. So when he saw a woman that found enjoyment in something he made sure that he took it away as fast as he could.

Women had to get tired of getting treated so badly by men, so what happens when they start to fight back just so they can be treated with mutual respect? This is exactly what happens in “The Rights of Women” where it states “Then, abandon each ambitious thought, Conquest or rule thy heart shall feebly move, In Nature 's school, by her soft maxims taught,”(Barbauld, Lines 29-31). All women wanted was to be tr...

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... long way since the Romantic Era. They used to be treated like simple housewives and most of the time they were not even able to get a basic education. Men used to keep women confined to the house and out of sight of the world. Women started getting tired of men treating them like this and wanted change they started realizing that men are not better than women. This took a very long time for the women to convince men of this fact. It is immoral to treat individuals with a different amount of respect just because of their gender. Women’s Rights are extremely important to me because I feel like everyone should treat people with the same amount of respect regardless of their gender or role in society. Which is why it is so important that women get their fair and equal rights now or we are doomed to repeat the past and show them the same mistreatment as they once had.

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Women During The Romantic Era Essay example

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