Essay on Women During The Past Century Technology And The Media

Essay on Women During The Past Century Technology And The Media

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For the past century technology and the media have been on a rise. From the invention of the television to the growth of social media at the touch of our fingertips, many United States residents have had access to constant communication. But, hidden under these technological advances is a history of sexism. Through idealization in the media, the ways men and women experience sexism differ, but as to where male privilege stands in its historical and continued context of dominance, sexism is defined as a form of power and prejudice against women.
Sexism in its historical context have restricted and oppressed women as the “weaker” sex, while men have been seen and thought as more privileged through power and dominance. Women were pushed to do the domestic work as men were sent out to the action of communal and national life. According to a women’s history website, in early American life, up until the Industrial Revolution (1840), women spent a majority part of their life in the household cooking, cleaning, sewing cloth, and educating her children. Meanwhile, if a man wasn’t working on the farm or plantation, he was advocating political views or fighting in war (Lewis, “Women”). During this time, “the legal status of women… with no separate identity and no personal rights including economic and property rights, was in a accord with the idea that women’s place was in the home and man’s place was in the public world” (Lewis, “Separate”). Such status of women granted a man’s privilege, while denying a women’s privilege, to society, education, and politics. Such status empowered men and restrained women. As the Industrial Revolution began in the mid-1800s, power-driven factories took a step forward in the United States and more women be...

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...figures continue to see themselves as powerful figures superior to women. Recently, we’ve seen the Republican presidential front-runner, Donald Trump, call a female reporter a “bimbo”. Among other things, Donald Trump, who sees himself as a powerful and dominant figure in the United States and comments negatively on women, portrays the perfect example of sexist. Both men and women experience sexism through the media, but a woman’s standards are much more idealized. Media from newspaper advertisements in the 1950s to Twitter posts now have presented idealized gender standards. Men are indefinitely affected by sexism but as to where male privilege stands in its historical and continued context of dominance, men do not experience it the same way women do: men are idealized as strong and powerful heroes and women are stereotyped as incapable beings or sexualized objects.

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