Women During The Nineteenth Century Essay

Women During The Nineteenth Century Essay

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During her lecture, Lisa Vollendorf asked her audience to tell her one word, which they thought described the lives of women living in the seventeenth and eighteenth century. Some of the answers she received were ‘difficult’, ‘limited’, and ‘misogynistic’. Some people’s initial thought of women in the seventeenth and eighteenth century may be negative, but there is proof that there were women that made the most of their lives, no matter what issues came up or what challenges they faced. The women in literature as well as the women in real life were sometimes degraded, humiliated, and treated badly. However, some women also were feminists, famous composers, and campaigners for women having greater rights, opportunities, and obligations.
Some of the women in literature were seen for the most part as helpless and inferior to the men all around them. However, they showed feminist qualities and show that women could be powerful without a man by their side the whole time. For example, in Tartuffe, Orgon spoke to his daughter Mariane and her maid Dorine as if they were unintelligent and they knew nothing. The only woman he treated with respect was his mother, because he saw her as superior to him, whereas he saw all of the other women in the house as inferior. Mariane and Dorine were complete opposites because Mariane was quiet and Dorine was an extrovert but, in the end they managed to get their way because of the way that they approached a difficult situation. Mariane stayed courteous and classy while Dorine was outspoken and straightforward. The peer reviewed article “Tartuffe” by H. P. Salomon and Marcel Gutwirth stated, “Tartuffe’s criticism of Dorine’s décolleté is no evidence of titillation as the author seems to realize only on...

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...reated equal to men. Both Margaret Fell and Sarah Grimke were women who spoke out against the idea that males were dominant and females were inferior. Grimke and Fell were both constantly fighting for what they believed in, were fearless, and were the true definitions of leaders.
Although many think that women did not have any power at all in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, that is false. Many of the women in literature as well as many of the women in real life prove that idea to be wrong because they faced many challenges and they overcame them all. The women written about in literature were strong, independent, and were fighters. The women in real life fought for their rights, constantly pushed boundaries, and were not scared to challenge male authority figures. Many women in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries were nothing short of extraordinary.

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