Essay on Women During The Middle East

Essay on Women During The Middle East

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Women today are facing the same oppression they did decades ago.The middle east is considered to have the worst women rights in the whole entire world.Many countries in the middle east have severe laws for women.Saudi Arabia ranked poorly on women 's involvement in politics, workplace discrimination, freedom of movement and property rights Although there is no gender equality in the Middle East (including in Israel), the phenomena of sexism and misogyny are global—not peculiar to Islam, or to the Middle East especially in the arab countries.
How could women be so oppressed ,discriminated and still horribly living in a "man 's world" in the 20th century? You would think there would be the same amount of equality between a man and a women in today 's world but there isn 't.In Saudi Arabia, women face several restrictions based entirely on gender. A woman, regardless of age or marital status is required to have a male guardian.The quality of life of a Saudi woman depends entirely on her family, namely the male members. I wonder if the male relative has to be riding a bike too? Or does he simply hold the leash attached to the bike?Many countries in the middle east have severe laws for women "Iraq ranked second-worst after Egypt, followed by Saudi Arabia, Syria and Yemen"."

Her guardian may be her father, her husband, her uncle, her brother, or even her own son.”In some cases, although the law doesn’t support the practice, a woman cannot receive major medical treatment without the permission of her guardian."Women are victims of all these major violations everyday in these countries.They constantly have to live with the fear and no say someone should never go through.Mani is a great inside view on what 's happening.Shes knows the r...

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...Islam in power and the separation of religion from the state. This is a prerequisite for women’s liberation from religious oppression. Only a strong modernist, secularist and egalitarian social movement will be able to rid the Middle East islamic control.
The Muslim countries of today that have oppressed their female citizens are nothing but countries that are dominated by egotistical men that throw in their cultural views rather than Islamic views into their dictatorships. They are not following Islam correctly and if these countries were following Islam correctly the women would not be oppressed and abused, They would be protected and they would serve society in many more ways than just popping out children Countries all over are suffering from this un equality .Western women explains both view So what exactly is a “man 's” power today throughout the world ?

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