Essay on Women During The Middle Ages

Essay on Women During The Middle Ages

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Women in different societies around the world, during the Middle Ages, experienced different hardships and roles. These hardships and roles helped shape how they were viewed in their society. Some women were treated better and more equal than others. In Rome, Medieval England, and Viking society, women’s legal status, education, marriage and family roles were considered diverse, but also similar. In certain nation’s women have more or less power than women in other nations, but none equal to the power that women have in America today.
Women in Ancient Rome did not have equal legal status as their husbands, fathers, or any other male figures in the society. Women were not allowed to make legal transactions without her husband’s or father’s consent. This showed how men were superior and controlled the money in the family. A woman was permanently attached to her family of birth and her husband’s family, if she got married. So a woman in Ancient Rome was never really considered to be one hundred percent free. A woman could initiate a divorce from her husband. However, she would lose her children to the father. Women did have some legal rights in Rome. They could inherit, own, and sell property in their name. Women could also leave a will for their family or be a beneficiary of a will. Although women were never considered superior in their society, they did have some limited freedoms.
In Ancient Rome, education was not equally spread out between age, social status, and gender. Most girls and women didn’t go to school because education in Rome was primarily to teach young men about agriculture, warfare, Roman traditions, and public affairs. However, some girls started going to school at the age of seven. Usually, these girls were o...

... middle of paper ... a dowry from her dad and new husband the day after her wedding. Some of the gifts the bride was able to keep in her name. Adultery by the wife was considered a crime. It also gave the right to the husband to kill his wife and the lover. Divorce in this society was easy and brought no shame to either family. After the divorce, the woman would return to her family with all the belongings in her name. Women in marriages in the Viking era had more freedoms than other marriages in different societies.
In different societies around the world, women had greater freedoms and rights than women did in other nations. However, none of these societies compare to the power women have today in America. From these nations, America evolved and learned how to properly treat women with respect. America also learned many traditions/ customs involving women that we still use today.

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