Women During The Great War Essay

Women During The Great War Essay

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The 1920s in American history had been a decade of drastic changes. It was the time when the traditional culture translated into the more modern practices.United States experienced super changes after the Great War had ended. During this decade, more people are moving to big cities and away from the suburbs to work in industrialized factories. Cars such as Ford were mass produced. Advertisement was first created in the age of consumerism. The 1920s, often known in America as the “Roaring Twenties”, is considered as the first modern era in which many advancements and improvements have been made.
As men went off to fight in the Great War, women had to step in and took the places of men in factories and other work fields. However, after men came back from the war, women were again kicked into houses and do whatever women “should” do. But this is a significant time when the society sees that women do have the ability to do what men do. Leading the twenties to be the start of women being seen as the same as men in work fields.
Women, not only received attentions in the work fields, but also experienced many changes in the twenties. Women in the traditionalist eyes are seen as docile human beings. Traditionally viewed women as to suppose to work in households, serve husbands and take care of children, wear conservative clothings, and not to do anything that would bypass the men. This has been the tradition for thousands of years. However, American women in the new modern world are more willing than anything to change the traditional view of how women are viewed in the past.
There was a change in traditional clothings. A new fashioned group of women started to appear in the 1920s. Flappers are women who appeal to more modern an...

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...e Bible stated that life was created by God; not by evolution. The Monkey Scope Trial, in Tennessee, was a legal case, which was about a high school biology teacher who taught the Theory of Evolution to children in school. The trial led to hot debates on what children should be taught in schools.
The 1920s in America was an era of growth and creation. Many of the factors in our modern life can be flashed back into the 1920s when it was first created. Without the 1920s, women would have to wait longer to have the simple right to vote. We wouldn’t have the movies, the music, and all the entertainments that everyone seems to enjoy so much today. The 1920s changed our society, the culture, the war that we are living, and the rights that we have right now as a American. It is the first step to the modern era. A big shift from the “old way” to the “new way” of living.

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