Women During The Carribean And Aboriginals Were Affected By Colonisation And The Ways Of Which They Resisted

Women During The Carribean And Aboriginals Were Affected By Colonisation And The Ways Of Which They Resisted

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This response paper is going address how enslaved women in the carribean and Aboriginals were affected by colonisation and the ways in which they resisted. With the help of the article ‘Feminist History of Colonial Science’ by Lonida Schiebinger which higlights how gender relations occured in the eighteenth-century and how some practices were prevented from spreading to eurpoe because the slave masters were against them. The another article was ‘Decolonizing Resistance, Challenging Colonial States’ by Nandita Sharma and Cynthia Wright that talked about the exclusion of Aboriginal peopolein Canada from antiracist theories and the impact of neo-colonialism.
The first theme i found in both aritcles the need of the minorities contributions or experiences to be erased or unnoticed. Schiebinger discussed in the beginning that renowed female historians were not mentioned in books ,despite their achievemnets IT was said that they brought nothing new to the table.The patriachal structure of education only credited male opinions and research therefore making the participation of women relatively narrow.The female researchers and historians were acknowledged becasue the their findings contradicted male success and domination . this article for example was aimed at understanding and uncovering the reasons why science was mainly “masculine science” in the 1980’s ((Schiebinger 234). Scholars back then began to tear apart the research done by the female researchers brcasue they did not comprehend how feminism brought something new to the table. Schiebinger also suggested that feminist theories should not only to cofined to gender classes or books but also spread and incorporated in all faculties to educate other as well. She argued that femini...

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...ecause the “patriachal,elitist,and expliotative social relations” (Sharma and Wright 124) is needed back to maintain peace.
. although migrants are defined as peopole who have left their native lands to another land meaning they are colonizers; this however only applied to the europeans. they visited oher lands with the intention to take other but when it comes to minorities they are go to adapt and live how the supposed owners of the land live.
To conclude, these two articles highlighted the ways in which racism and sexism still exist and how the strggle of power of the white man caused the minorities to resist through extreme measures. The contribution of women to the history is very evident and so is the effect of neoraism and neocolonism; the hope and dream is that there will be equality in power some day and end to manipulation wheter in openly or in disguise.

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