Women During The Ancient Epics Women Essay examples

Women During The Ancient Epics Women Essay examples

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In ancient epics women played a critical role in developing the plot, shaping the actions, and understanding the male characters. However the only purpose of women in epics is to serve the roles of being devotees to men and not having a say in society. Epics allows us to get an understanding of how times were in Mesopotamia around 2000 BC, the roles women play in society, the purported traits they should possess, and their characters overall. For many, many years, even before mediums such as ancient epics, or any types of media even existed, the perspective on women has long been seen as putting the female a step below man. In years to come, instead of overturning this view, society has succeeded in cementing in. Domesticity, a dedication to housework and children, and a sort of meek character were expected of women during the ancient times.
Storytelling and other visual aids were not the only strong mediums in the day. Ancient epic were also extremely persuasive when it came to dictating the life of women. We have pieces like the “Seduction of Zeus” (4) that stresses the traits that the ideal woman should possess: piety, purity, submissiveness, and domesticity. In this work in order for Hera to accomplish her mission, she has to use sex to subvert his plans, however do this, she has to make sure she doesn’t throw her self to him, Because men don’t like that. If a woman were lacking any of these traits, they immediately lose credibility in being a “true woman.” Under the poem “Seduction of Zeus” a wildly opinionated passage can be read here:
“Let’s turn ourselves to love, to bed.
No hunger for goddess or woman like the one I feel
Right now has ever consumer and enslaved my heart.
No, not Ixion’s wife. I used to be madly in l...

... middle of paper ...

...aiding men in the conquest or mission and not having a say in society. In this epic specifically, the roles of a women is to be sex symbols, or servants of these gods. All the women that ware presented in this epic are there to fill the needs of the men especially the harlot. The Epic Of Gilgamesh was a representation of how the women were perceived by men.
Ancient Epics are a perfect example of how women were treated all throughout the earlier times. Through reading these text it allows one to get a better understanding on how times were back around the 2000 B.C. and how it shaped the earlier lives of women, creating boundaries for women, the sexual nature that women are now portrayed in, and the ever present disparaging overall view that still exists today. It seems as if women played a insignificant role in society and were only there to fulfill the needs of men.

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