Women During Ancient Roman Society Essay

Women During Ancient Roman Society Essay

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There were various significant roles bestowed upon women that contributed to the abundance that was the ancient Roman society. Women in ancient Rome were principally viewed in the same way the way the males in their lives portrayed themselves publicly, and were valued through their roles as daughters, wives, and then mothers. Based on the husband fathers amount of power and money, their women were allowed more freedom. A farmers wife or daughter would not have been able to have many rights, but a caesar’s wife or daughter would have a little more freedom. Ancient Roman law and ideals were based around “a male authority.” Although these sources given indicate that women and their roles in Ancient Rome were subordinated to their over privileged, male counterparts, women did serve a purpose and were of great importance in Roman society. There is limited information about Roman women in the first century, most literary titles had been written by upper-class men, these sources still indicate the ways in which Romans perceived their women. This is achieved through the examination of women’s roles in the household and also in law and society in comparison to the roles of men in ancient Rome. Women in ancient Rome left an evidence to their place in history, and also paved way for the feminist movements that have taken place since.
There were high standards set for women in ancient Rome. What was expected of women were demonstrated through the requirements that were set by the ancient society for what was considered to be the ideal women at that time; the matrona. The matrona is a married and respectable woman, she represents restraint, modesty, grace, and brings honour to the reputation of her family; a good wife is also in charge of ...

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...rona, women were burdened with upmost responsibility. Without Roman women monitoring what went on domestically, men would not have been able to work publicly because their responsibilities between their public work and the domestic work would be immeasurable. Women were expected to do so much because they possess the capability to achieve great things. The roles of women evolving over time can be shown when comparing the very limited roles of Greek women to the roles of Roman woman. This evolution has contributed to feminist movements that still take place in modern society to defend women’s rights and promote equality between men and women everywhere. Despite the fact that most readings showed women to be inferior to men, there are still subtle hints that conclude that ancient Rome would have not been the great empire it was unless there were women around to assist.

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