Essay on Women Changing the View of the Military

Essay on Women Changing the View of the Military

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The military has mostly been dominated by men; the women have also had history of military success. For example, during the second world war, the women were mostly serving as nurses (Manila Bulletin). Women have come far from being nurses during world war II to being able to hold any positions. Some women can be in almost any position. Now women are found on the fronts lines. Also, during World War II, women who were nurses at Pearl Harbor came into a combat situation in which they were to engage and kill the enemy (Manilla Bulletin). An increase of women in the military has impacted the military by having different job roles, expanding military positions, and increasing more sexual assaults.
The first reason women affect the military is their roles. Women in combat have served as long as men have and for many years have not been treated as equally as the men. For example, during World War II men have had all of the military status but women have been cut to 2 percent for the full military status (Global Issues). Women in the past could not be on front lines and didn’t get encouragement from the government. However in 1973, women were encouraged to join the military and finally got the same amount of respect and status as the men (Manilla Bulletin). Since the women did not have the same benefits as the men, the military changed the rule that gave women the same opportunity as the men. However, this quickly changed when the military saw that more and more women came face to face with combat (New York Time). In addition, women were been denied their combat experience, but the law changed so that they could not get injured.(New York Times). Over the years, the military found out that women were qualified to serve...

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...ositions, and various amounts of sexuall assaults.

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