Women Battling Postpartum Psychosis And Its Effects On The Individual Essay

Women Battling Postpartum Psychosis And Its Effects On The Individual Essay

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Maya Phillip had just finished her maternity leave when she was diagnosed with severe postpartum psychosis. Her husband of two years was abroad on a military mission and was keeping little touch with his Maya. However, fearing for her and her infant’s safety, Maya’s sister in-law came to her rescue. After two months in the local community hospital she was discharged, only to find that she had lost her job.
The employer cited her mental condition and prolonged absence as the reason the dismissal. She decided to enlist the services of an attorney to get her employment benefits if not reinstatement to her job. However, since finishing her follow-up checkups, Dominic Ezeli, her doctor at the community hospital, says he has not heard from her.
Just like Maya, there are many women battling postpartum psychosis. Although rare, the disease occurs in nearly 1 to 2 in every 1,000 deliveries, which without immediate treatment can adversely affect the individual. Additionally, a 2003 World Health Organization study found out that nearly 90 percent of people in the developing countries are in dire need of treatment for mental health disorders.
The early signs of postpartum psychosis include feeling very irritated, hyperactivity, and delusion or strange beliefs. Further, the sufferer experiences frequent hallucinations, becomes paranoid, and suspicious. In other cases, the individual becomes unable to sleep and has difficulties communicating coupled with rapid mood swings.
The fierce part about the disorder is that women who develop postpartum psychosis have a four percent chance of committing infanticide and a five percent rate of committing suicide. The reason can be explained as a break from reality. The hallucinations feel very real to the ...

... middle of paper ...

...chologically. The illness eats on a person’s self-confidence and makes them scared of socializing with their former colleagues.
Therefore, joining support groups where an individual can meet other people who have battled the illness is highly advised. The support groups also function as group therapy outlets where a person can improve their self-confidence and face life again with optimism. Moreover, as individuals connect with others who have shared the same journey, it hastens the healing process.
Postpartum psychosis is thus an illness that is easy to cure and new mothers should not be worried once they are diagnosed. Although stigma is a big issue, support groups are essential to the healing process. Friends and family members of people who have a risk of developing psychosis should thus understand that one can get over the illness and build a better family life.

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