Essay on Women Are Women A Terrible Way Of Being Represented

Essay on Women Are Women A Terrible Way Of Being Represented

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In media today, women seem to have a terrible way of being represented. This can even be brought as far back as the early 1950 's. When we look at the past we can see that there are so many similarities to the present day. One thing that we all seem to notice from the media is that women are constantly being sexually objectified. Women are often represented as individuals who are seen as just a means of sexual gratification and nothing else. Whereas men are seen as sexual subjects. This brings the question if this will ever change in society or will this keep going on for future generations. In this essay, I will be talking about how women in media are objectified in reality TV shows.
When we watch reality TV we tend to watch it for the laughs, for the gossip or maybe because it is our favorite show. We don 't fully grasp an understanding of how each character is portrayed, for example: when we examine a very popular reality TV series "Keeping up with Kardashians" we see that all the girls on the show are quite successful. They were not always known in society as the mainstream family. The show ultimately began when the oldest sister Kim was recognized for a sex scandal. The television show is based on a documentary of the family 's everyday lives as well as the over sensationalized drama. Because of the sex scandal that got leaked out to the media, Kim Kardashian was only noticed for these reasons. Before this, she was just another young woman, which only promotes the over sexualized nature of women in television and the need to flaunt one 's physical attributes in order to get noticed.
When we look at the Kardashian family ultimately the show started to showcase the life of the three sisters Khloe, Kim, and Kourtney...

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... use his sisters for the success because he is a man and he is seen as a sexual subject and you would think that he would be more dominant on the show but he is not. According to Caputi 's essay, he states that: "sexual objectification fits perfectly into a capitalist-consumer and monocultural society. Objectification is seen in many different forms even for the simplest things in the world" (Caputi 379).
In conclusion, sexual objectification is always going to be a part of popular culture. Although many may not want this to happen, when it comes to reality TV and the fact of selling something that is one way that women seem to get noticed. With the reality TV shows that we watch such as keeping up with the Kardashian it is true that we can say we watch the show for the drama that occurs and the fashion.

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