Women Are The Inferior Sex Essay

Women Are The Inferior Sex Essay

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Innumerable times in the 21st century thus far have I heard men jokingly say “women belong in the kitchen” and almost every single time the woman has responded in a combative way, defending her place in this world. While inequality between the two sexes still exists greatly in the United States and all around the globe, that is not to say that a woman cannot do a man’s job and vice versa. In present-day 2016, we are exposed to a myriad of females working as lawyers, doctors, CEOs, and various other distinguished job positions. It is important to note that women did not always have the qualifications to maintain such a renowned job title; they fought for their privileges for many years. Coming from a male’s perspective, this commonly known fact may throw him for a loop because as far as most men are concerned, the dominant figure on this Earth is the alpha male.
A multitude of American media authors, directors, etc. would have to agree with the male perspective: women are the inferior sex. From the very beginning of mass media’s presence in the United States, women have always been portrayed to be less-than their male counterpart. In various media outlets, the man was depicted to be a working-class citizen while his wife would remain in the house to cook and clean. Not only was the woman shown to be the ‘maid’ per say, but media also rendered her helpless. An example of this statement was seen in an advertisement from around the 1950s of a woman opening a ketchup bottle with the caption “You mean a woman can open it?” This is only one example of the sexist remarks in mass media that the female was subjected to throughout the 1950s and ‘60s. As the years passed by, however, the times changed as well. The conventional idea of a fa...

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...e the evolution of the alpha female in media because it explains how society is exposed to a specific topic in small doses consistently for a period of time, thus causing them to gradually accept it as a fact. While women were establishing their independent place on this Earth, media was continuously portraying them as independent. The consistent and corroborated messages about women aided in a general acceptance of females as the dominating figure. We can analyze the progression of the female in media through the second theory, Social Expectations, because it explains how in the modern-day, human groups learn most of their rules and customs through media. If this is the case, then depicting women as authoritative and bold in media will only promote the same ideology for members of society; therefore, causing there to be a mass acceptance of this revamped female role.

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