Women are Changing the Internet Essay

Women are Changing the Internet Essay

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Women are changing the Internet

Women are leading the internet by having a higher engagement with social networking sites more than men. Women spend 30 percent more time on social networking sites than men. Computer interaction use to be dominated by males in the 80’s and 90’s because women spent less time on computers. Women are not using the websites to find out how many crushes they have online, they appeal to the friendly environment of making friends and sharing information. A number of women are using the sites for a more serious use. These uses consist of professional networking, staying up to date with friends and family, promote business, research product or services and get advice. All of this usage is a growing popularity among many people worldwide, and it is creating a personal privacy concern that should not be ignored.

A reason women visit or belong to a social networking site is to read blogs, post photos, write blogs and post comments. This allows them to feel plugged in on what is happening in the world. Blogging is a frequently updated personal journal, chr...

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