Women: Angelic Beings from Venus Essay example

Women: Angelic Beings from Venus Essay example

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Do you know why women are well-known as creatures from Venus, but not from Mars? As we know, Venus is the second planet from the sun and has many unique characteristics such as its own rotation that is different with the other planets, as it needs more time to rotate than its revolution. Venus is one of the hot planets in solar system that its temperature can reach 480 degree Celsius. Otherwise, Venus is a symbol of love and emotion. Even based on Greek’s mythology, Venus is also an emblem of a beautiful and attractive angel. Venus also has two big continents, which are named Terra Aphrodite and Terra Ishtar. In addition, their names are taken from Goddess of love and beauty. Like the analogy of Venus, women are an angel who have unique personalities such as sensitive, moody, talkative, and shopaholic.
First, the main characteristic of women is sensitive. Women use their feeling to think something or to do something. In fact, 90 % of women around the world take their decision based on their feeling. Thinking logically will make human do not have emotion, women prefer believing their feeling than their logic. Women are easily to cry and get melancholic even though they get good news. For some women, crying is the best weapon that they have to lose men. Women also care about everything especially everybody whom they love very much. Using their strong feeling to predict what people’s mind, they know about people’s emotion easily. Nevertheless, women need people to take care of her as much as they can because women like to be spoiled. That is why women can easily fall in love with the men who are caring about them. Take the example, There is a man name is Didit and he has a friend name is Dilla. He cares to Dilla very much because D...

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... their problems. The other reasons are they are follower of free life style that make them must have many branded things and they have a big obsession to be the trendsetter, so that they have to shop many branded and fashionable things like make up, shoes, clothes, and bags. Because being a trendsetter must have a unique fashion that are very fashionable and cool.
In conclusion, women called as the angels from Venus because not only from their beauty but also from their unique personalities those are sensitive, moody, talk active, and shopaholic. Women are very difficult to understand because they are complex, but when we know about the reason of their unique personalities, it will help us to understand them. Women are the noble creatures in the world because life starts from their womb. Without women, men never exist in this world. So do not ever humiliate them!

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