Women And Women : A Woman Of Color Essay

Women And Women : A Woman Of Color Essay

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These four journal writings were chosen because they share a common theme in women’s studies. Each writer expresses the oppression that women face, whether it is in childhood, as a homemaker or as a woman of color. The selected journals were written about “What It Would Be Like If Women Win,” “Feel Me. See Me. Hear Me. Reach Me,” “Deadlier Than the Male” and “The Problem That Has No Name.” Each journal reflects the differences of how men and women have and still are treated within society. In being a woman of color like Gay, an African American, or from a Native American tribe, people place limitations through prejudice. They are even more discriminated against, as they are not viewed as equals to Caucasian women. In general, girls are taught to aspire to be a housewife, through their toys and play. Once a woman becomes a housewife she is viewed as submissive to her husband and denies her vocation. Society is structured to keep women oppressed and these four journals are the evidence throughout women’s history.
In the journal on Gloria Steinem’s piece “What It Would Be Like If Women Win,” girls are taught gender roles through the act of play. The idea of young girls playing with toys that imitate domestic chores perpetuates benevolent sexism. Throughout the semester, we have discussed the nature of women and how they were viewed as not physically being able to excel academically. How are women supposed to flourish as scholars and successful in the workplace if at a young age they are taught to play with a toy vacuum? As boys are given free range to build on their creativity, girls are harnessing their mothering skills as they play with their baby dolls. Society sets these high standards of the image of a woman. It teaches this at...

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...sinuated that she did not deserve her accomplishment and only reached that level of success because of her race. For a feminist standpoint, it is disheartening that a woman promoted slander against another woman. In a society that marginalizes women, a female should not do the same thing to another. It only makes Gay’s journey to success that much more difficult. However, this is not an uncommon story as people of color, especially women, are viewed as tokens. They are only in that school or career because the institution needed to fill the racial quota. As a woman of color, I am not unaware of this notion. Most of my life, I have been in schools were I was in the minority racially. You must prove your competence as a woman in education and as a person of color. As a woman in our society, I must work hard to abolish the stereotypes that are associated with the gender.

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