Essay on Women And The Second Sex

Essay on Women And The Second Sex

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When you see a man who is hurt or in pain a realistic answer instead consoling him would be " be a MAN, stop being such a GIRL." Now if a woman was hurt, an instinctual thing to do is ask " are you okay? or do you need help?" Why do we have such differences. What’s really happening between women and men in contemporary society? Society loves to say "You’ve come a long way, baby" whenever an individual woman rises to the top of a "male" profession. It also enjoys turning househusbands into afternoon talk show guests. Throughout history, women have had the misfortune of being labeled as “the other” to men. According to many philosophers, women are the second sex. This idea of women as the second sex is fueled by the notion that the feminine is a mistake, and that masculinity is the correct approach to life. This idea has even been given a new name recently: androcentrism. Androcentrism is a new kind of sexism that, rather than just favoring men over women, favors masculinity over feminist universally. In Paradise, Toni Morrison shows through her style of writing and the way she sets up the chapters shows different images of how men in the town of Ruby are oppressing these women in the convents.
In Paradise Toni Morrison shows the images of masculinity and femininity throughout the story to show how the town 's men of Ruby feel threatened by covenant women who seen to not live by the traditional way women should be living. “ the proof they had been collecting since the terrible discovery in the spring could not be denied: the one thing that connected all these catastrophes was in the convent. And in the convent were those women” ( Morrison 11). Morrison show how much in fear or may be in denial these town’s men are that these wome...

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...vailability of cultural repertoires and resources” (Bhana & Nkani 337-338).

In conclusion, Being different can be considered to be good for most part. Change is good for the progress of any person, population or even as far as the world. In Paradise, Toni Morrison shows through her style of writing and the way she sets up the chapters shows different images of how men in the town of Ruby are oppressing these women in the convents. When it comes to the feminist movement there have been a lot of significant advances toward women gaining equality in all aspects of life. Even though women have come a long way over that past one hundred years there is still a ways to go in order to make sure that the dignity of all people is protected. There are many men and women in the world who can celebrate the differences that exist between people without discriminating against them.

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