Essay on Women and New Deal Programs

Essay on Women and New Deal Programs

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“Black Tuesday” is cited to be the day that the Stock Market Crashed on October 19, 1929, and it is believed to have been the beginning of the Great Depression (Schultz). This led to many catastrophes in the United States economic system that lasted ten years, from 1929-1939 (Schultz). During this time period consumer spending declined, unemployment increased, and a severe drought throughout the U.S led to a reduction in agricultural labor, which resulted in even more unemployment (Schultz). Nevertheless, out of this crisis President Roosevelt created programs, throughout his presidency, in hopes of bettering the United States economy. These programs would eventually be called the New Deal and Second New Deal programs. These programs were elaborated to help the U.S working male population. Women were always considered less efficient than men; this led to a difference in the amount of payment that women obtain from their job (Goldin 82). However, with the help of President Roosevelt’s wife, Eleanor Roosevelt, working women were eventually included in certain New Deal programs that increased their economic stability; directly and indirectly (“New Deal Achievements”). Programs such as FERA, WPA, FHA, among others ("New Deal Achievements"), helped women with employment opportunities, increased leadership roles in government, and increased housing opportunities.
Women throughout history have been considered to have an active role in the family life as the caretakers, while the men are considered the “breadwinners” of the family. However, a few women still have had to provide for their families throughout the years and as a result have sought employment in industries that “were highly segregated by sex” (Goldin 87). Women employm...

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