Women And Its Impact On Society Essay

Women And Its Impact On Society Essay

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What is a woman’s role in society? This is a debate that has been going on for years and will most likely continue for years to come. Are women on this Earth for nothing more than to bear children for their husbands? Should they be intelligent and a powerful aspect of the business world? Are women to be compared to the flawless figures depicted on magazine covers? Artists have created hundreds of different representations of women and their roles in society over the years.
Henry Matisse was an artist that painted many women, often nude. When Matisse painted these women they were typically very beautiful and heavy set. One of his artworks is titled Large Reclining Nude or more commonly, Pink Nude, it is a 66 by 92 centimeter painting done in 1935. The artwork currently hangs in the Baltimore Museum of Art. This was the first work in which Matisse used cut paper to shape the images in his work. In the 1930’s Matisse began simplifying, flattening and abstracting forms and space. In the painting you see a nude woman lying down on a blue blanket. Her head and body are almost disproportionate with the head being much too small. The focus of the artwork is the large body of the woman as if what is in her head is less important that her body. Next to her sits a vase of flowers. In the artwork the vase in the same bright pink as the woman 's flesh, this give an impression of a connection between the two. A vase is a symbol that represents women 's reproductive function, you can guess that Matisse is comparing the fertile reproductive nature of woman and the vase, which holds live flowers (Inside Matisse). He is making a statement about women having the duty to bear children. Although I appreciate that the woman in this artwork does not h...

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... they are no alone in the way they feel. To a man, it would be intended to show them the pressure and stress that is placed on women and hopefully they become more appreciative of their wives. To children, it shows how busy moms are, yet they still make time for their children so you should tell your mom how much you love her. This would be a successful work because it would be in a hard to miss place. It would be complex enough that it catches people’s attention, yet simple enough that they do not have to sit and look at it for hours. I would title the artwork, Her Thoughts.
Women play an important role in our society. They are often underappreciated and compared to the faces on magazine covers. In reality, women are so much more than this. Women can be intelligent, compassionate, humble, creative, powerful, selfless, organized, helpful, beautiful, and original.

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