Women and Flexibility in the Workplace Essay

Women and Flexibility in the Workplace Essay

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The increased role of women in the workforce has changed in the last decade and will continue to change into the decades to follow. Because of this organizations will need to evaluate the factors of women in the workplace, flexibility, and pay. To theorize what may change for women in the next ten years, is one of optimism. Historically, women have been treated differently in the workforce, long hours, less pay and limitations in advancement compared to male co-workers. With today’s economic strife more women need to work outside of the home and coupled with family responsibilities women want flexible work hours and good pay. In this paper, one will understand the value of flexibility in the workplace as well as the pay gap between men, women and what the next decade holds for women in the workplace.
Flexibility in the workplace should be a benefit for the employee as well as the employer. According to Christensen, “Having flexibility in the workplace will ultimately lead to better morale, increase retention, and become an effective tool for recruitment.” (Christensen, 2005) Flexibility is an important factor toward overall workplace success. As mentioned by Christensen not only is this a great tool for companies to use for recruitment and retention, but improving diversity in the organization. Flexibility means taking a varied approach to the old way things are done. Some examples, changing work hours, location of where the work is done and restructure of the job. The traditional Monday thru Friday, nine to five work design is no longer the norm. Having a flexible work structure allows an organization to modify schedules for employees which in turn gives the employee opportunity to balance work and life. By doing this...

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