Essay on Women and Cosmetic Surgeires

Essay on Women and Cosmetic Surgeires

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Plastic surgery, a newly developed industry worldwide, has made both positive and negative impacts in people’s daily life. As the economic boost, people no longer have to spend 90 percent of their income on food, instead they do investment on land property, luxury goods that can hedging or even make money after an investment cycle. The boost economy also drives the media industry grow rapidly which urging a group of super models and fashion actresses well-known among people especially female group through magazines, TV advisements. The clothes that models wear and the make ups they use are become the popular and fashion products which pursuing by young ladies to help them stay in fashion and look beautiful. However, the young ladies still feel not beautiful enough compare to those actresses who have exquisite face. How to solve the problem then? Plastic surgery or to be more accurate cosmetic surgery comes into play, the majority of women in society believe that the surgery allows them to reconstruct their facial appearance and eventually achieve their dreaming beauty. At the same time, the minority of women in society believes that the perfect beauty that the media poetries cause the lack of confidence in women and now the society enters into a period of abuse this technic to accomplish even unrealistic goals. However, the purpose of the technic is to correct the born body imperfection such as cleft palate for patients so that they are able to have a normal life. By reviewing Lindridge’s and Graham’s paper, analyzing the group research, and sharing the personal story Angelina Jolie, this paper argues that even though not all plastic surgeries will cause negative impact, the technic of plastic surgery has certainly been abused in ...

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...e most of cosmetic surgeries really necessary? We do not have a certain answer yet to that question but one thing the society sure is that women are welcome to pursuing self – identity. The media portrays a lot of unrealistic bodily expression and society view the unhealthy appearance as standard form of beauty which causing women lost self-identity and pursuing the goodness blindly. Malcolm X (West, 1996) suggests that dark skin people should stop practicing “Double Consciousness” i.e. preforming unnecessary self-modification in order to achieve the standard in other people’s mind while as the person itself who do not agree with the standard. Female people in society should stop view the illusion as beauty but find what’s real beauty is for herself. They should aware that the beauty comes with confidence as long as they are satisfied with their outer appearance.

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